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Advantages of Steel Frame Construction

Choosing the best material for a building project is critical for your investment, as not using the right material can lead to plenty of headaches. The most common types of building materials include lumber, concrete, or steel. These different materials have various benefits and drawbacks, but a steel frame structure is one of the best options for any building or home.

Steel framing consists of steel columns and beams that are assembled to provide support for an entire building. The use of steel framing is also growing in popularity, and it’s even displacing lumber as the primary material for residential and commercial buildings in some areas of the world. Learning more about the many benefits of steel frame buildings is always essential before you begin your next construction project.

Here are a few of the many reasons to consider using steel framing construction.

Quicker Build Time

Time is always money in the construction industry. A faster build time saves everyone money, and it’s a lot more convenient, which makes steel a popular option for buildings. Steel is fabricated off-site, which expedites the entire construction process as everything is ready to be assembled through welding and bolting pieces with each other. On the other hand, using concrete is a much slower process. Installers also don’t have to spend time building temporary formwork and dismantling it afterward, saving a lot more time.

Long Lifespan

Another benefit of steel frame construction is that it has a much longer lifespan than concrete or lumber. Unlike lumber, you will never have to worry about steel splitting or cracking due to its age. Steel frame construction is also not vulnerable to pests. An increase in moisture won’t cause steel to expand, warp, or rot, which is an all too common problem with wood construction. However, it’s still important to prevent contact with water due to possible corrosion issues. The best way to protect steel is to coat it with a water-resistant material to prevent rusting while also using a fire-resistant material to ensure steel maintains its strength and integrity during a fire.


Using steel framing can also save you money over the long term. Steel frames are always fabricated off-site, decreasing on-site labor by 10%-20%, as fewer workers reduce the chance of costly accidents. The quicker construction time for using steel framing also means less financing costs, and it expedites the building process to ensure the building is ready to be used for a faster payback. Steel is also highly durable, which lessens the maintenance cost and reduces the need for making repairs in the future. Many insurance companies offer lower rates for steel structures due to their ability to withstand pests, decay, and many natural disasters.

Improve Safety

Safety is always a top priority, as steel construction provides much greater strength than other available options. Steel frames perform exceptionally well against mother nature, whether earthquakes, hurricanes, or heavy snow loads. Steel even performs better against man-made emergencies, whether it’s an explosion or a high-impact accident. Fires are always a risk with wood construction, while steel isn’t combustible. However, it possible for the steel to become compromised if exposed to extreme temperatures.

Greater Strength

Steel has a much higher density than concrete or lumber, as it can carry a greater load than either one of those construction materials. The higher strength of steel makes it possible to reduce the amount of material needed on the job site, decreasing shipping costs, reducing labor, and simplifying design. All of these different items increase efficiency throughout the building process while keeping costs to a minimum. Steel also wears less than lumber framing, which results in it lasting for a much longer time.


Sustainability is another advantage of using steel frame construction. Using software before fabricating steel products greatly decreases scrap steel, which helps the environment and lessens costs. Scrap steel can often be recycled to use for other projects, as it doesn’t lose its strength if it’s melted down for recasting. On the other hand, scrap wood isn’t always recyclable if it’s too small or has an awkward shape. Concrete can be recycled for the future, but it’s only limited to pavements.

Maximize Space

Using steel materials allows you to maximize space during the construction process. Steel frames can be spaced farther apart to create a more expansive bay and provide more flexibility in floor designs. While concrete is strong, it has inferior spanning and a more limited construction height than steel materials. Choosing to use steel for a house can also decrease the need to use load-bearing lumber, saving you money. Additional benefits of steel frames are that you can construct them in any weather, and it’s often simple to make any design changes.


An often overlooked benefit of steel construction is that it’s much more versatile than other building materials. Structural steel can easily be fabricated into many different shapes without decreasing its strength and integrity. The versatility of steel makes architects use innovative and creative designs for a truly unique appearance. You can use steel for a wide variety of purposes, whether it’s aircraft hangars, indoor arenas, bridges, or high skyscrapers. Future-proofing a steel frame is much easier than other materials, as you can expand the size of a building or renovate it due to its versatility.

Closing Thoughts

Steel frame construction provides a wide range of benefits, whether it’s for residential or commercial buildings. The additional strength, versatility, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness of using steel construction are just a few of the many advantages of using this material. You will also significantly cut back on construction time by using steel. All of these different benefits make using steel a worthwhile option for anyone working in the construction industry.

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