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Walls Up is a "con-tech" and the next generation in residential and commercial construction. Our agile, fully-integrated, end to end solution is reinventing the way homes and buildings are built.

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The Walls Up Difference



Traditional Block


Average Build Time 2 MONTHS 9 months 8 months
Hurricane Rating 185+ MPH 140 mph 110 mph
Insulation R-26 R-13 R-15
Flammability STEEL = 0 Block = 0 Highly flammable
Termite Resistance YES Yes No
Mold Resistance YES Yes No
Noise Reduction YES No No
Cracking / Settling NO Yes Yes
Energy Envelope AAA+ A B-
Advanced Air Purification YES No No
Water Filtration System YES No No
Environment Friendly YES No No
Drywall Finish High density non-drywall Standard drywall finish Standard drywall finish