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Walls Up is a "con-tech" and the next generation in residential and commercial construction. Our agile, fully-integrated, end to end solution is reinventing the way homes and buildings are built.

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End-to-End Integration

Walls Up is fully integrated, providing end-to-end building services as a single partner, with robust technology systems connecting everything together. With complete control inside one team, we have the unique opportunity to optimize processes and develop integrated product systems not found in traditional construction.

Engineering & Design

Walls Up’s tightly integrated design and engineering teams pull from decades of collective experience to build and deliver cutting-edge constructed spaces that are beautiful, timeless, and adapt to the user’s evolving needs.

The Walls Up architectural aesthetic is clean, modern, and respectful to the site and community.  In addition to beautiful design, Walls Up focuses on standardizing highly repeatable elements of buildings—optimizing systems and products that allow buildings to be efficiently produced. Working with our clients to understand their requirements, Walls Up develops a tailored solution that maximizes the personality of custom design while retaining efficiency in the building process.


The Walls Up materials team, headed by our Chief Product Officer, carefully specs, evaluates, tests, and approves every building material and component included in the site development, structure, rough-in products, and all finishes. 

By developing an approved catalog of “green” materials from trusted suppliers, Walls Up is able to aggregate demand and offer volume-based material pricing benefits not previously available in traditional construction to individual customers and building projects.

Manufacturing & Assembly

By designing for off-site manufacturing and assembly, Walls Up creates building efficiencies by minimizing the number of unique parts, increasing level of completion in the factory, and driving integration between the factory and construction site.