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Walls Up is a "con-tech" and the next generation in residential and commercial construction. Our agile, fully-integrated, end to end solution is reinventing the way homes and buildings are built.

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On construction projects, many elements are repetitive with consistent quality and finishes are highly sought after for a successful project.

Here are some indicators to look for when considering the use of pods as part of your building process:

REPEATABLE COMPONENTS: Buildings such as hospitals, hotels, and housing are ideal for the use of prefabricated building components, such as bathrooms, kitchen, and headwalls.

SIZE: Pods must be specifically tailored to the job site.

STACKING: Repeatable components that are located in a stacked configuration increases efficiency of installation and connection to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems.

CLEARANCE: Large repeatable components must be delivered to the jobsite, raised to the final floor, moved across the floor into final position, and lowered into place without interference. The route these components take is an important consideration.


Choosing to use pods as part of your building process can lead to real benefits realized in purchasing, design, production, quality control, and shortened completion times.

PURCHASING: With a focus on similar function and design, i.e., hospitality, student housing, senior living, or multi-family the purchasing agent has the opportunity to purchase in bulk or even custom manufacture components that fit their specialty. This is especially valuable to prototype or repetitive clients who wish to work through the details of their bathrooms or kitchens only once and not with every general contractor, sub contractor and supplier in every location. Therefore, time, cost, and frustration is saved for the client.

DESIGN: Building with a pod requires specific changes to the framing, dimensions of the building and (very importantly) to the inspection process. With multiple iterations of a bathroom and/or kitchen pod, these initial expenses will be minimized.

QUALITY CONTROL: The best cars are made in a controlled facility environment, not in the dealership’s parking lot. As construction managers and architects become more comfortable with prefabrication and its areas of application, pods will become more effective at delivering higher quality and more profitable outcomes than traditional on-site builds. Quality that is derived from best practices in manufacturing, all in a controlled facility environment, where repeatable functions can be monitored and scrutinized for the utmost consistency.

SHORTENED COMPLETION TIME: This is the big differentiator where finishing the bathrooms or kitchen is traditionally on the critical path for completion. Walls Up will be producing and finishing these pods while the dirt is still being moved on-site. With properly routed and bundled utilities, the units can be very quickly connected into the larger building with a lower level of skill required. Off-site pod manufacturing is up to 250% more efficient than the same activity carried out on-site.

OVERHEAD SAVINGS: On-site construction requires the use of several subcontractors, which complicates the building process and creates an interconnected workflow that is vulnerable to errors and omissions. By moving the construction process off-site to our environment controlled facility, Walls Up streamlines the construction process – saving you time and money. Building with pods also reduces the amount of material waste, electricity, and other resources that are required to support on-site construction.

SUSTAINABILITY: Off-site facility manufacturing is intrinsically less wasteful than traditional construction methods, making it more eco sustainable. Walls Up’s precision manufacturing and advanced off-site construction processes substantially reduces material waste and more effectively governs recycling practices.



With a compressed project timeline, developers will benefit from a quicker time to market. Pods eliminate the complexity of delegating to multiple trades and ensure a high quality product. The higher return on investment makes the addition of bathroom and kitchen pods a sound investment.


Bringing together all required trades in a controlled factory environment lessens the need for delays and reworking that would typically occur on-site. The factory setting allows for required construction building codes to be strictly followed.


Pods will be built to meet the local codes required and leave the factory compliant and ready to pass the final on-site inspection. Pods arrive on-site with open walls to allow for easy access for site electrical, mechanical, and plumbing component inspections.