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Walls Up is a "con-tech" and the next generation in residential and commercial construction. Our agile, fully-integrated, end to end solution is reinventing the way homes and buildings are built.

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Walls Up is committed to building a sustainable company for our customers and the planet.

Walls Up’s central sustainability goal is to deliver improved environmental performance and a reduced carbon footprint–without adding costs.

Addressing the climate and environmental crises we face today will not be possible without changing the way we build. Traditional construction activities account for more than 30 percent of annual global carbon emissions.

The environmental challenges of construction are complex and interconnected. Firms are fragmented across the building process, holding only a portion of the data and having little incentive to change practices.

Walls Up value chain integration with ASTC has provided transparency and stewardship across the complete building lifecycle. This offers tremendous potential to address long-standing environmental inefficiencies within the typically fragmented areas of building product sourcing, manufacturing, construction, and operation.

Four guiding principles shape Walls Up’s framework for the development of sustainability solutions:

  • Driving operational energy efficiency through technology investments
  • Driving embodied energy efficiency through materials research and development
  • Driving quality and efficiency benefits through the Walls Up end-to-end process
  • Reduce traditional construction waste

We believe that viable solutions can’t be environmentally sustainable only – in order to scale and truly make an impact they must be economically sustainable as well. Accordingly, we pursue solutions that increase environmental efficiencies, reduce costs, and drive value to all stakeholders.