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Walls Up is a "con-tech" and the next generation in residential and commercial construction. Our agile, fully-integrated, end to end solution is reinventing the way homes and buildings are built.

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Present Labor Problem

According to the 2020 Construction Outlook Survey by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), 72% of construction companies anticipate labor shortages to be the biggest hurdle to the industry. 

The effects of the labor shortage are already being felt by traditional builders, as 44% of companies reported higher than anticipated costs and 41% reported longer than anticipated project timelines. But more than 50% of these same companies have admitted to making no changes to confront the current labor crisis. 

Walls Up is addressing the labor shortage by completing up to 90% of the total structure work in our controlled-environment facility.

Shifting the conventional construction process off-site keeps projects on schedule and completes them up to 90% faster and with fewer people than traditional construction allows. 

Other benefits include:

  • Productivity regardless of weather conditions
  • On and off-site labor happen in tandem
  • Our Agile SocioTechnical Construction System™ (ASTC) enhances the quality of the build in every step of the process