Home Building Construction Labor Shortage and the Solution

Home Building Construction Labor Shortage and the Solution

The home construction market is booming across all areas of the country. The need to fill construction laborer jobs has never been greater due to the impact on the pandemic. However, finding a custom home builder remains a significant challenge. According to the Associated Builders and Contractors of America (ABC), the home construction industry needs to add 430,000 construction laborer jobs to keep up with demand in 2021. Overall construction spending is also expected to increase by 1.3% this year, which results in $1.45 trillion spent in the United States.

In the last decade, a lack of skilled labor in the home construction industry has been a significant issue due to its workforce gradually aging out. The difficultly in attracting younger people to work at home construction companies is another reason for the labor shortage. While unemployment rose amid the pandemic, most job seekers didn’t enter the construction industry. According to Marcum JOLTS Analysis, in 2020, construction labor rates in the United States became even more expensive, but it was still challenging to find new workers.

The Effects of the Construction Labor Shortage

The impact of the construction labor shortage will likely continue to worsen due to a significant increase in home building and infrastructure projects now and in the near future. A lack of workers will only increase construction labor costs and make it even more expensive to build a home. Trade associations will need to spend more time and resources recruiting younger workers to keep up with the high demand for new build homes.

ABC and its members are continually working to recruit and educate potential workers in the construction industry. The organization invests $1.5 billion each year in various workforce development initiatives to equip people with valuable skill sets needed for success while working for home construction companies. The rise in construction labor rates is meant to attract new workers to the industry, but it will also increase the overall costs. The lack of labor and the increasing construction labor cost force many people to look at other options to overcome these challenges.

What is Offsite Building Construction?

Offsite construction is the process of designing and fabricating a home or building at a facility before transporting it to the job site to finish assembling it. Using offsite building construction has become more popular due to the construction labor shortage. This innovative process for manufacturing homes is much faster and a more cost-effection than traditional construction methods onsite.

According to a recent survey from the NAHB, 69% of its respondents experienced delays in finishing projects on time due to a lack of qualified workers, and some of these jobs were lost because of these challenges. This problem isn’t going away soon, as offsite construction is a viable alternative that offers many benefits for constructing new build homes. These modular homes can expedite the entire construction process while helping to ease labor demands impacting the industry.

The popularity of Modular Homes Across the World

Offsite building construction offers a wide range of benefits. However, the modular industry only accounts for roughly 3% of new construction in the United States, much lower than other developed nations. For example, the rate for modular homes in Japan is almost 20%, while Sweden leads the entire world, with 84% of their homes being prefabricated. Seven of the top modular home factories in Japan produce over 100,000 homes each year. Many of these countries embrace the industrialization of home construction due to the demand for affordable housing and a shortage of skilled laborers.

These numbers show that the market for modular homes in the United States is ripe for growth in helping to meet the demand for home construction. The modular industry creates more predictable work conditions and less intensive work with the help of technology. Training employees to work at offsite construction is also less time-consuming, as each worker only needs to learn a specific role at an assembly line. All of these things make working at an offsite construction facility a much more appealing option than working at a job site.

Advantages of Offsite Construction

Choosing to use offsite construction is a great way to maximize efficiency during the building process while also reducing waste. Using steel frame construction is a much more eco-friendly option than using lumber while building on the job site. An additional benefit of offsite construction is that you won’t have to worry about inclement weather creating costly delays. Using this innovative method for construction makes the entire process faster while still producing top-quality work.

Expediting the building process with offsite homes is a great way to help overcome the lack of construction labor contractors while also helping to reduce overall costs by consistently meeting deadlines. Offsite construction is also a safer option than building homes in the elements while coordinating with workers from various industries. Errors are much less likely to happen in a controlled environment, which helps to improve efficiency and productivity levels further.

Closing Thoughts

The lack of construction laborers will continue to be a significant problem in keeping up with the ever-growing demand of the housing market. Modular homes will only continue to become a more popular option in the United States due to the much quicker manufacturing process. Offsite building construction is also a much more convenient option, as you are less likely to deal with scheduling delays. The construction labor cost is also less for modular homes due to fewer workers needed for each house. Offsite construction with steel framing is an excellent alternative in overcoming the numerous issues with traditional construction methods.

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Benefits of Prefabricated Modular Kitchen Construction

Benefits of Prefabricated Modular Kitchen Construction

Choosing to invest in a modular kitchen is an excellent choice for many homeowners. A kitchen is one of the most essential areas of a home, as a  prefab kitchen offers immense benefits compared to traditional options. Working with a company like Walls Up, specializing in modular kitchen design, is always essential to ensure you are happy with the results. These professionals will guide you throughout the design process to help you choose the best-prefabricated kitchen pods to meet your needs.

Are you interested in learning more? Here are a few of the top benefits of modular kitchen construction and prefabricated construction for kitchens:

Variety of Design Options

A modular kitchen is available in various designs, and it can be customized in numerous ways. You have endless possibilities in selecting your cabinets, choosing your hardware, and making custom designs to accommodate your appliances. These different options with a prefabricated kitchen make it possible to create a unique design that best matches your needs.

Reduce Construction Waste and Time

An additional benefit of a prefab kitchen is that it’s a much quicker manufacturing process than traditional construction methods. Building prefabricated kitchen pods also requires fewer materials, which makes it a more eco-friendly option by reducing waste. Using fewer materials helps to reduce construction costs, and you are much less likely to experience delays, which is an all too common issue on most job sites.

Cost-Effective Option

Staying within a budget is often a top concern for homeowners. Installing prefabricated kitchen units gives you the flexibility to choose from various options to meet your needs without costing you a lot of extra money. The vast majority of a kitchen pod is already constructed beforehand, which helps to reduce the construction cost. These cost savings allow you to spend money in other areas of need for your home.

Pre-Installed Electrical, and Plumbing Features

Another advantage of prefab kitchen construction is that it comes with pre-installed electrical and plumbing features. This pre-installation process happens in a controlled offsite manufacturing environment, saving electricians and plumbers a lot of time and work. Prefab construction helps to reduce waste while also minimizing the construction cost. Ultimately, this results in a much quicker installation process while helping to keep delays to a minimum.

Saves A Lot of Space

Looking at ways to save space and maximize efficiency is often a top priority in a kitchen. A prefab kitchen is a popular choice for homes with a limited amount of space. For example, you can easily choose the cabinet sizes that best match your needs without using bulky cabinets. Kitchen pod manufacturers will guide you throughout the design process to maximize each area of your kitchen while making sure you are always pleased with the results.

Elegant Appearance

Building a modular kitchen is a popular option for many homes due to its appearance. You can easily design a kitchen pod that reflects your personality by choosing the different colors, finishes, and design options. A prefab kitchen is also a great way to make a powerful first impression on visitors. Walls Up will ensure your prefabricated kitchen matches your vision, and we are always happy to answer any of your questions about the construction process.

Additional Storage Options

A modular kitchen doesn’t only help to reduce waste during the construction process, but it also gives you plenty of storage options. These prefabricated kitchen pods can be modified in many ways, whether you need to add shelves built within a door or if you need to include additional cabinets. A contractor can help you select the best storage options to ensure you are more than well-satisfied with your modular kitchen design.

Increase Value of Home

Adding a brand new state-of-the-art modular kitchen design is an excellent way to increase the value of your home. Boosting the value of your house is especially important if you plan ever to sell your home in the future. A kitchen can often make a big impression on potential buyers and be one of the deciding factors in someone purchasing your house. Of course, you can still enjoy the many benefits of prefabricated construction if you change your mind and choose not to sell your home.

Simple to Maintain and Repair

Constantly dealing with maintenance issues and repairs in a kitchen is never a good experience. These repairs can often be challenging to perform in traditional construction, which significantly increases the cost of these repairs. On the other hand, prefabricated construction is much easier to make any repairs or maintenance due to its innovative design. Accessories of a prefab kitchen can easily be removed for repairs or a thorough cleaning, which saves everyone a lot of time and work.

Easy to Remodel

An overlooked benefit of prefabricated construction is that it’s easy to remodel if you ever desire to make any renovations in the future. You can easily change the appearance of your kitchen by replacing your cabinets, cupboards, or backsplash. Making minor changes such as replacing cabinet knobs is easy to do while giving your kitchen a new appearance. The ease of remodeling a modular kitchen is just one more reason why prefab construction is such a popular choice for many homeowners.

Closing Thoughts

Learning about the many advantages of a modular kitchen construction is well worth the time and effort for anyone looking at building a new home. A modular kitchen design helps reduce waste during the construction process while making the jobs of building contractors that much easier. You also have the flexibility to customize a prefab kitchen pod in various ways, and they are also easy to maintain. Using a kitchen pod manufacture like Walls Up, is an excellent option for anyone looking at alternative building methods compared to traditional construction. As experienced professionals, we will help you ensure you are happy with the finished product throughout the entire process.

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COVID Mandates Drive Increase in Florida Residential Construction

COVID Mandates Drive Increase in Florida Residential Construction

The Florida population experienced significant growth in the past year due to COVID mandates across the United States. Restrictions of the COVID lockdown forced many people to look elsewhere to live and work. The rise in Florida immigration created a significant boom in the residential construction industry. Many Florida home builders struggle to keep up with demand due to the migration of people leaving other states in response to the COVID mask mandate and other restrictions.

Florida’s Population Growth

The rise in migration of people moving from other states to Florida isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon. Currently, Florida is the third most populated state in the United States, as it surpassed New York in 2020. While most people often associate Florida as the home for retirees, a recent study showed that a significant amount of the population growth is due to Baby Boomers and Millennials calling Florida home.

According to the Statistics of Income Division from the IRS, people from all across the United States are moving to Florida. However, many of these new residents are from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Texas. The COVID lockdown and various mandates for each state are further fueling such an increase in the Florida population. The constant flow of Florida immigration even resulted in the state gaining additional congressional seats last year.

Other Reasons for the Increase in Florida Migration

The greater need for the new construction of Florida homes is also due to families having more financial freedom compared to the past. A favorable work-life balance is another top reason for the increasing demand for Florida home builders. According to the Economic Research Service database from the USDA, counties such as Lee, Glades, Charlotte, Collier, and Hendry rank near the top of Florida’s best places to live.

Increasing Home Prices and Construction

The influx of new people due to the COVID lockdown and a better work-life balance is increasing the demand for Florida homes. Home prices are soaring due to Florida immigration, as keeping up with demand has proven to be a difficult task. Problems throughout the supply chain because of the COVID lockdown is further increasing the price of new homes. One way for Florida home builders to overcome these significant challenges is to construct modular homes to meet the demands of a growing population.

How to Keep Up With Population Growth

The uncertainty of the pandemic will only continue to fuel a rise in Florida migration for citizens from all different states. Florida steel frame home builders, like Walls Up, has found a way to keep up with this ever-increasing population growth. Modular homes in Florida are becoming an increasingly popular option for many people due to design flexibility and reduction in construction time. These homes are built at an off-site factory, which helps to expedite the entire process without sacrificing quality. The ease of construction of modular homes makes them a great choice to meet the demands of an increasing Florida population.

Additional Benefits of Modular Homes in Florida

Learning more about the advantages of modular homes is essential for anyone considering moving to Florida. These modular homes are designed to be energy efficient, especially important in keeping your home cool during the summer without worrying about going over your budget. The modular homes are built to meet the local building codes for each area, which is especially important in Florida due to the threat of hurricanes and severe weather.

Modular homes in Florida are also a more eco-friendly option than traditional houses due to less waste on the job site. Less construction waste will help keep building costs to a minimum, which can save you a lot of money. Steel frame construction for modular homes is also highly durable, and it’s resistant to mold and pests. These different benefits make steel frame modular homes an excellent investment for anyone moving to the Sunshine State.

Other Factors to Consider

Moving to another state while finding a new home for your family isn’t an easy process. The increasing costs of homes in Florida and the ever-expanding demand can result in significant expenses for residential construction. On the other hand, investing in modular homes in Florida is a great way to lower costs while expediting the building process.

These modular homes are primarily built in a controlled environment, which reduces the need for labor while still producing top-quality results. Building a modular home reduces the risk of experiencing delays, which is too common in the residential construction industry. You can also customize your home in various ways without having to worry about common issues that are often associated with traditional construction sites.

Future of the Housing Industry in Florida

The Florida population growth will only continue to expand in the near future. In many other states, the COVID mask mandate only further increased the number of new residents calling Florida their home. The population boom throughout the state is keeping Florida home builders extremely busy. Modular homes in Florida will only continue to increase in popularity due to their numerous benefits. These modular houses are much easier to build than traditional construction, which is a significant advantage for residents who need a place to live without waiting months or even years for a new house.

Closing Thoughts

Keeping up with everyone moving to Florida isn’t an easy task for home builders. Using modular homes in residential construction is one of the best ways to overcome these challenges due to the lesser costs, faster building times, and superior quality. Choosing to work with a contractor specializing in Florida modular homes and steel frame construction is always a wise decision to ensure you are well-satisfied with your investment. Now is a great time to reach out to Walls Up to learn more about the next generation in residential and commercial construction!

Modular Bathroom Pods to Reduce Construction Time and Costs

Modular Bathroom Pods to Reduce Construction Time and Costs

A prefabricated bathroom is an excellent option for many homeowners and businesses. A modular bathroom pod is built in a factory instead of onsite, which reduces construction time and costs. Offsite construction for bathrooms is especially beneficial if you need to meet a tight deadline and you don’t have to worry about weather delays.

Why Bathroom Pods Are Right for Your Project

Looking at ways to streamline construction on a job site is essential in getting a project completed on time without any defects. One of the advantages of installing prefabricated bathroom pods is that they will produce much fewer defects due to them being built in a factory setting instead of on the job. Offsite construction also enables the manufacturer to spend more time finding new ways to improve the quality of the product through functional innovations.

Benefits of Offsite Bathroom Design and Construction

Understanding how to minimize construction costs is critical in today’s work environment. Using a modular bathroom instead of onsite construction is an excellent way to decrease construction time, enhance quality, and eliminate bathroom defects.

Using traditional building methods is a much more time-consuming task due to coordinating schedules with multiple people, whether it’s electricians, plumbers, carpenters, tilers, or a host of other specialists. A modular bathroom eliminates many of these problems, which help reduce waste and improve the overall quality of the finished product. Less construction time is a win-win situation for everyone, whether you are a business owner or a general contractor.

Here are a few more of the benefits of using a modular bathroom pods to reduce construction costs:

Streamline Purchasing Process

One advantage of a prefab bathroom is that it gives you the flexibility to make purchases in bulk, which is especially beneficial for large-scale projects. For example, a contractor can easily install the same bathroom in each room for senior living or student housing, which expedites the entire construction process.

Variety of Design Options

Another benefit of prefabricated bathroom pods is that you can choose from countless different designs. You can modify the size to meet your needs best while also choosing various accessories. A homeowner can easily design a one-of-a-kind bathroom that perfectly matches their style.

Quality Control

The best products are always created in a controlled environment. A prefabricated bathroom is entirely built offsite, which reduces the chance of any defects or delays in building due to inclement weather. These repeatable functions during the manufacturing process are constantly monitored and can easily be adjusted to maintain consistency and quality.

Decrease Construction Time

Offsite construction is a much faster process than building everything onsite. Manufacturers can immediately begin working on a prefabricated bathroom during the early stages of a job site. These modular bathroom pods are also simple to set up, saving time and making everyone’s job much easier.

Less Overhead

Building a bathroom onsite requires the general contractor to work with numerous specialty trades, as each one is dependent on the other in getting their job done. Trying to coordinate everything can quickly get complicated, especially on a large job site. However, using bathroom pods simplifies the entire process and greatly reduces the coordination needed to complete everything.

Overcome Labor Shortage

Finding enough workers to perform a job remains a challenge in many industries. This is especially true in the construction industry, as a labor shortage makes it difficult to complete jobs on time while also increasing the construction cost. One way to overcome the labor shortage is to install bathroom pods instead of relying on multiple workers to build a bathroom on site.


Finding ways to be more eco-friendly is becoming increasingly important in the construction industry. Offsite construction is much less wasteful than traditional construction methods, as the amount of wasted materials can quickly add up on the job site. Recently, a report from the Waste & Resources Action Program (WRAP) showed that a 90% waste reduction is possible by further increasing the amount of offsite construction.

Detailed Estimate

Additional expenses are an all too common issue in the construction industry. One way to reduce these surprise costs is to receive a detailed estimate that lists all of the materials used in a bathroom. A manufacturer specializing in modular bathroom pods can quickly provide a detailed estimate to ensure everything matches, and you won’t have to worry about any hidden fees or a higher construction cost.

Consistent Quality

Maintaining consistent quality is key to success in construction. Unfortunately, not all contractors offer the same skill set, which can lead to various results with the finished product. However, a prefab bathroom pod offers consistent quality due to being manufactured offsite in a controlled environment. Factory operations are always more efficient than onsite construction, as it produces top-quality bathrooms while also lowering the construction cost.

Here is an overview of the installation process for prefabricated bathroom pods:


The first step is an inspection of the shop drawings and building plans to ensure everything matches up. Delivery and installation logistics are also discussed to ensure everything arrives on schedule.


The next step is the manufacturing process, as everything is built to meet the specs of the shop drawings. Offsite construction expedites this entire building process while also maintaining superior quality control.


A delivery date is set in advance to ensure the prefab bathroom arrives on schedule. A prefabricated bathroom can be shipped on enclosed or open-air trucks. The size of the prefab bathroom pod and any site restrictions will often determine the type of transportation.


A modular bathroom is often wrapped upon delivery to stay protected from the elements. Cranes are used to offload the bathroom pods and hoist them into the structure to finish the installation process. Many of the prefab bathroom manufacturers provide specialized equipment to assist in installation. Afterward, final connections occur for water, electrical, waste, and mechanical in the prefab bathroom. A final onsite inspection occurs to ensure everything is working and all of the client’s needs were met.

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Modular Home Construction – Advantages of Offsite Manufacturing

Modular Home Construction – Advantages of Offsite Manufacturing

Offsite manufacturing construction includes the planning, designing, fabrication, transportation, and assembly of materials for a much faster building process. Modern modular homes are the most complete of all offsite products, as they are transported and assembled in a 2D panelized process that are to be connected on-site. Modular design architecture is divided into two distinct segments, which include re-locatable and permanent modular design.

Re-Locatable Modular

Re-locatable modular is often referred to as “temporary modular,” as these buildings are only used for a short term. Using a re-locatable modular is incredibly cost-effective for many situations. A few of the most popular re-locatable modular constructions include showrooms, job site trailers, communication pods, and temporary classrooms.

Permanent Modular Construction (PMC)

Permanent modular construction (PMC) is an emerging trend in North America, as it’s used for schools, health care facilities, government buildings, hotels, and multi-family structures. PMC only represented around 25% of the market four years ago in the modular industry, as now it represents more than 50% due to its increasing popularity.

Understanding Offsite Manufacturing Construction

The vast majority of modular home builders use an inside-out approach during construction. A modular design usually follows a sequence of framing and building the interior surface before focusing on the plumbing, electrical, mechanical, insulation, and exterior sheathing. On the other hand, this vastly differs from traditional construction that uses an on-site assembly approach of outside-in, which is much less efficient. The offsite manufacturing process of modular home designs avoids many scheduling difficulties, such as bad weather or the constant delays of different trade companies trying to collaborate.

Here are a few more of the top benefits of using offsite construction for modular home designs.

Lower Cost, Higher Productivity at Home Construction Job Site

One of the most significant advantages of using modular homes for residential construction is that it can result in considerable cost savings. These savings can often range anywhere between 15%-50% by using a modular house design. Offsite manufacturing construction is much quicker than traditional methods due to concurrent factory and on-site work. Factory production for residential construction is also much faster than on-site framing, and you will never have to worry about weather delays. Modular homes maximize productivity on the construction job site while also keeping building costs to a minimum.

Less Waste and Eco-Friendly

Another benefit of modular design architecture is that it results in much less waste on the job site. The leftover material is often reused in a factory, while this material is usually thrown into the dumpster during the on-site construction process. Modular home builders also spend less time traveling back and forth from the job site to the supply yards, as nearly everything is constructed at the factory. Ultimately, this creates a much more efficient process while also being more eco-friendly throughout the building phase of a new home.

Perfect for Fast-Pace Projects and Tight Deadlines

Time is always short for home construction companies. Keeping up with tight deadlines and making sure everyone is happy is often an almost impossible task. However, modular home builders can expedite this entire process, making it perfect for houses that need to be built on short notice. Besides homes, modular construction is also an excellent option for schools or dormitories that need to be constructed as soon as possible without dealing with constant delays.

Excellent for Repetitious Projects

Modular design is a great choice for home builders who need to construct many houses with similar layouts. Large-scale modular design architecture can rapidly improve the construction time for homes, making it a perfect option for building homes in subdivisions that need to meet a specific building code and design. Higher productivity benefits everyone, as it helps to keep construction costs down, which lowers the price for home builders.

Consistent Quality

Building a house is a major investment that requires a lot of skill and expertise. Unfortunately, not all home contractors are equal, as some may use sub-par material to cut down on costs or hire unqualified workers. On the other hand, using a home construction company with years of experience building modular homes is always a much safer option. The manufacturing process for modular home designs offers consistent quality to ensure you are more than pleased with the final results.

Enhance Safety

Safety is always a major issue on any construction site. Inclement weather can also create even more dangerous conditions for workers. However, offsite manufacturing construction is a much safer process due to the vast majority of the work being completed inside a factory. Maintaining a safe work environment will ensure everything arrives on schedule while keeping workers much safer.

Popular Option for Remote Sites

Many job sites for home construction are remote, making it more challenging to build due to the distance from supply centers. Using offsite manufacturing construction is an excellent way to overcome this issue, as the vast majority of the home is built offsite at one location. Modular design expedites the home building process for remote areas, which greatly enhances productivity, and it’s much more convenient than traditional construction.

Closing Thoughts

Modular homes offer immense benefits and continue to grow more popular each year. Working with a home construction contractor specializing in modern modular homes is an excellent choice to ensure the entire process works smoothly and everything arrives on time or ahead of schedule. You can also choose from a variety of modular home designs to help you find the perfect home of your dreams. Now is a great time to consider the many benefits of using home construction companies that offer modular homes!

If you have any questions, or want to learn more about modular home construction with Walls Up, please contact us at (863) 623-3021 or email info@wallsupusa.com for additional information.